MOD. 1041 | PN 10-16 | DN 40-400
Short body EN 558-1 Series 14

MOD. 1042 | PN 25 | DN 40-300
Short body EN 558-1 Series 14

MOD. 1051 | PN 10-16 | DN 40-400
Long body EN 558-1 Series 15

 SARACINESCHE con Estremita Flangiate 1

SARACINESCHE con Estremita Flangiate 2

SARACINESCHE con Estremita Flangiate 3

  • Manufactured according to the requirements of EN 1074 and EN 1171 (min. torque strength Class2).
  • Certified and marked by third part body as production supervisor.
  • Body and bonnet high quality EPOXY powder coated (fusion bonded), coating thickness DFT min. 250  micron, zero porosity (tested with 3000V), high impact resistance and cross-linkage according to DIN 30677-2 and DIN 3476.
  • Multiple O-Ring spindle sealing system embedded in  non-corrosive material to DIN 3547-1 and additional back lip-seal for double security.
  • O-Rings changeable under pressure to ISO 7259.
  • Non-rising stainless steel spindle (single forged round bar with rolled threading).
  • Wedge inside and outside fully rubber vulcanised, with drain hole and special guiding rails to minimize friction.
  • Solid flexible wedge nut from corrosion free material.
  • Gliding disc on the spindle neck to reduce friction when operating the spindle. From DN 250 and bigger with additional axial roller bearing.
  • Bolts protected against corrosion by special resin.
  • Protection ring between body and bonnet to reduce risk of damages on the coating due to mechanical impacts during transport, handling and installation.
  • Markings following EN 19.
  • Manual operation by handwheel, operating cap, extension spindle (underground installation).
  • Motorisation by electric actuator.


Body and bonnet:
Ductile iron eN-gJs-400-15/eN 1563 (former to DIN ggg40)

stainless steel 1.4021/eN IsO 10088 (equivalent to UNI X20Cr13 or aIsI 420)

Ductile iron eN-gJs-400-15/eN 1563 (former to DIN ggg40), ePDM rubber vulcanised, potable water approved

Wedge nut:
Brass CuZn40Pb2

O-ring bush:
Brass CuZn40Pb2

Gliding disc:

O-ring, back lip seal, bonnet seal, and dust cap:
ePDM rubber, potable water approved

Bonnet allen screws:
Steel class 8.8 to eN IsO 898, corrosion protected by special seal

Protection ring:
Reinforced plastic material

flanged ends 1
All metal, rubber, and coatings used have been designed for contact with water for human consumption, pursuant to the terms of Italian Health Ministry decree n° 174, dated 6/4/2004.

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