The spacer with innovative directional rollers

E 41 roller

50 years after the first spacer system patent for cased crossings, RACI has designed and patented the new E41 ROLLER spacer element, keeping the characteristics that have made the RACI system successful, namely

  • Made entirely of plastic
  • Absence of metal parts
  • Modularity of the components

The directional polyamide and fibreglass rollers guarantee the same performance as a traditional spacer system RACI, reducing friction by 50%!

  1. They are the ideal solution for particularly heavy crossings.
  2. They allow the use of winches with reduced power.
  3. Perfectly compatible with conventional E-type spacer elements: E41 rollers and standard E-type can be combined, even with different heights.

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Once again Raci has been selected as partner to complete this Saudi Aramco big project.

The installation of our HDPE Spacers CFD25 and CDL25 was supervised by us in the presence of Saudi Aramco Officials.

Raci grande progetto saudita di Aramco 2020

We are pleased to announce the achievement of the EN 1074 1-2 third party certificate on the whole range of service valves.

The certification confirms the acknowledged reliability of our valves, 100% assembled and tested with complete traceability in our factory in Casaletto Vaprio (Italy).

progetto Serbatoio Anzillotti

We are ready to deliver the 162 double eccentric butterfly valves complete with electric actuator Auma and Aumatic unit that will be installed in 10 pumping stations and 6 reservoirs in Algeria, to bring potable water to the Sétif area. Thanks to Raci team for the hard job!

Farfalle a doppio eccentrico con attuatore Auma

Raci gate valves DN 1300 and DN 1400 (PN 10) will be installed at the Seguelil dam (Mauritania), built to prevent large floods typical of the area. On Friday 5th of April a local delegation participated in the testing of the two valves at our factory in Casaletto Vaprio (CR). Raci's collaboration continues with the development of North African countries in order to optimize the management of water resources.

Le saracinesche Raci DN 1300 e DN 1400 PN 10

Friday 8th March 2019 a delegation from Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture has attended an hydralic test on two butterfly valves DN 2200 PN10 at our factory in Casaletto Vaprio.

The reliability of double eccentric Raci butterfly valves will serve the irrigation of the Moroccan lowlands.

collaudo delle due valvole DN 2200 PN 10 diga Marocco

Palacio Des Convenciones - Habana  
March, 20th -25th  2017

Tool for manual assembling of spacers rings type F/G up to DN 300.

User friendly and very light.

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Since more than 70 years on the market, today almost a symbol: RACI built his image of authority and credibility day by day, starting from the design office up to the realization of the venture. Synonymous of reliability and professionalism, RACI has become a reference: research, technology, professional updating and constant care service will allow it to always remain the same over time.   Read more


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