bullet acquedottoREPAIR CLAMPS REPAMAX 12, 22 AND 32

MOD. 10601 | DN  50-350 | L = 140mm |PMA 16-24|
MOD. 10602 | DN  80-600 | L = 210mm |PMA 12-16-24|
MOD. 10603 | DN  50-600 | L = 280mm |PMA 11-12-16-24|
Coupling and repair clamp 100% stainless steel, with pressure assisted gasket.



collari di riparazione repamax 1





collari di riparazione repamax 2



  • High versatility: coupling and repair in a single product, allows not only the repairing of damaged pipes, but also the defi nitive connection of pipes of different materials, misaligned, non-aligned and of different dimensions, distance up to 22 cm (model 10603). It allows replacement of sleeves of asbestos-cement pipes.
  • Sealing gasket with lip profi le, with special design at the ends which ensures a perfect seal even with high operating pressures and dynamic defl ection 3° per side (on the basis of DN and models).
  • It works as a fl exible joint: not realigning the ends of the broken pipe, unlike traditional collars, eliminates tension from which the break is derived and the risk of its repetition.
  • Perfect sealing also on pipes ovalized or not smooth.
  • No need of special tools or big escavation, neither pipe’s preparation before mounting.
  • Available with 12 mm tolerance from DN 50-80, up to 22mm tolerance from DN 80 up to 350, 32 mm tolerance from DN 150 to DN 600.
  • Coupling tolerance between pipes:
  • 4 mm for range 12 mm (DN 40-80).
  • 6 mm for range 22 mm (DN 80-150).
  • 10 mm mm for range 22/32 mm (DN 150-600).
  • On every clamp an indelible label reports the range of application, mounting instructions, closing torque…).


stainless steel 1.4301 eN IsO 10088 (aIsI 304)

Pressure assisted gasket:
EPDM rubber approved for potable water NBR rubber approved for gas and potable water (not available on clamps model 10603) Other on demand only for model 10601-10602

Bolts and nuts:
Stainless steel a2-70 with anti-galling treatment (M 12, M 14 o M 16 according to different diameters).

Inner plates:
Stainless steel 1.4301 eN IsO 10088 (aIsI 304)

Compression beam:
Stainless steel 1.4301 eN IsO 10088 (aIsI 304)


Bolts and nuts for assembling gasket/inner plate:
Stainless steel 1.4301 eN IsO 10088 (aIsI 304)


collari di riparazione repamax 3

collari di riparazione repamax 4


collari di riparazione repamax 5

All metal, rubber, and coatings used have been designed for contact with water for human consumption, pursuant to the terms of Italian Health Ministry decree n° 174, dated 6/4/2004.

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